Soil Education Series: Sustainable Soil Solutions

This class will provide an in-depth understanding of sustainable and regenerative management techniques and practices aimed at cultivating and caring for Healthy Soil. Attendees will learn how to identify what Healthy Soil is, and its connection to growing healthy food, carbon sequestration, water conservation, ecosystem restoration and land management.  Skills learned and techniques surveyed can be applied to all scales from the backyard garden and landscape, on up to large pasture or farm properties.

When: March 5, 6pm-8pm
Where: Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District, 89 Alder Street in Central Point
Online @ 
Or by calling 541-423-6167
$15 registration fee payable online with card or by cash or check at our office

The course is taught by Lion Waxman, who specializes in Regenerative Gardening/Farming, Permaculture, and Soil Health Solutions. Over the past 10 years he has worked around the world implementing sustainability projects such as food forests, community organic waste systems and environmental education projects. He is the founder and owner of Good Earth Gardens, based in Grants Pass.