SAVE THE DATE: Jackson SWCD Blood Drive - Tuesday July 23rd, 9:30am - 2:30pm



Thanks to all of you who came out to attend our blood drive in April. We had a great turnout and collected 10 units of life-saving blood!

It’s time once again to sign up for the Jackson SWCD/Rogue River Watershed Council bi-monthly blood drive at 89 Alder St. in Central Point. Save the date: Tuesday, July 23rd from 9:30am to 2:30pm!. Here’s where you can sign up:


1.   Search by our sponsor code “JSWCD”.

2.            Look for the Red Cross Blood Donor app in the Google Play or Apple App stores.

3.            Contact the District at 541-423-6185, 541-423-6180, or 541-423-6167.

4.            Email us at (redacted)(redacted), or (redacted).

This will be our 11th blood drive and after a great turnout on April 30th, we have now collected 198 units of blood!!! That’s potentially 594 lives, all because of your efforts to help others. This drive our goal is 22 units. With your help we can not only meet, but likely exceed our goal and continue to make a difference.


The American Red Cross recently issued an emergency need for blood donors. Blood donations are being distributed to hospitals faster than donations are coming in; blood donors are needed to help avoid delays in lifesaving medical care. Link here:


Do you know someone who has never donated before? Please encourage them to make an appointment with you. Healthy individuals are urged to give now. For those of you that have tried to donate in the past and were turned away for temporary reasons (low iron, high pulse rate, blood pressure, white-coat phobia), I encourage you to try again. Sign up for a different time slot and read up on how to prepare for your blood donation. For those of you who cannot make the drive this July 23rd, I challenge you to find a proxy, someone who can donate in your place.

As always, we encourage everyone to share their home or store-bought (no judgment here) treats with our awesome donors. I’ve heard lots of great compliments from both donors and Red Cross staff that our drive has the best food. Thanks to everyone for their generous contributions in the past!

Again, please sign up for the Jackson SWCD/Rogue River Watershed Council bi-monthly blood drive at 89 Alder St. in Central Point, on Tuesday, July 23rd from 9:30am to 2:30pm!.

Thank you all for your continued support of this effort. Let’s make sure we meet our goal this month!