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Almeda & Obenchain Wildfire Relief

The Almeda & Obenchain wildfires affected thousands of residents in Jackson County and presented many with challenges never faced before. Since mid-September 2020 our district has been working hard to identify immediate resource concerns, secure materials for rehabilitation, and communicate with partners and landowners to gets boots on the ground and help where it is needed most critically.

We have developed this page as a repository of information and resources to help our residents and partners find up to date information easily and quickly. Check back regularly for updates .

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Obenchain Road in early October 2020.

Fire Summary

Total Acres Affected: 35,871

South Obenchain: 32,671 acres

Almeda: 3,200 acres

Structures Lost: 3000+

After the Fire Resources

Internal Resources:

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Payne Creek in early October 2020.

Grant Opportunities- Contact us for a free site visit and project assessment/potential. Funds are limited.

Technical Assistance- Contact us for a free site visit. Staff will walk your damaged property with you and are able to provide technical assistance and network connection on the spot.

  • Erosion Control- Contact us for assistance in securing free straw to apply to areas at high risk of erosion
  • Reseeding-Contact us for assistance in securing free seed to apply to areas at high risk of erosion and in areas at high risk of weed invasion. We're offering a blend of grasses that germinate quickly, thickly, offer wildlife food and cover, and will compete with weeds post-burn.

External Resources:

Rogue River Watershed Council Video

Check out this great video from our partner the Rogue River Watershed Council on the Almeda Fire Restoration Efforts.

Oregon Health Authority: FREE Well Water Testing for Fire Affected Properties

The Oregon Health Authority will provide free well water testing vouchers to private or "domestic" well users impacted by the 2020 Oregon wildfires. Get your application in November 1, 2021 - May 15, 2023. Applications are found at

Vouchers cover the cost of testing for bacteria, nitrates, arsenic, and lead. Depending on well damage, some may also qualify to test for benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene as well. Sample collection costs are not covered by OHA.

Voucher Eligibility:
All of the following criteria must be met:
• The property was impacted by the 2020 Oregon wildfires
• The well water is used for things like drinking, bathing cooking and washing dishes
• The well has 3 or fewer connections and is not part of a regulated water system

If demand exceeds supply, OHA will prioritize vouchers for:
• Households that meet certain income thresholds
• Communities that have been historically underserved, including people of color
• Properties that had the greatest damage
• Second homes or vacation rental homes will not be prioritized but may qualify.

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Oregon State University Extension Service, Fire Program

After the Fire webinar series. This educational and informative webinar series began October 1, 2020, and each episode may be viewed live or at your convenience as a recorded video.

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A snap-shot of OSUX's StoryMap showing the extent of fires in Jackson County..

OSUX service's Fire Program developed a comprehensive StoryMap of Oregon's 2020 fires. Dive in-depth to fires around the state, assess damage to your property, and check-out the fires' extent. 

Note: The Fire Program would like to acknowledge that many of you have lost everything to wildfire. Those losses are extremely stressful and painful with challenges that affect some of us in deeper ways than others. It is not the Program’s intention to undermine the severity of those losses – but to acknowledge with respect and as much understanding as possible. Know that you are not alone. We hope the story map provides connection to others through stories and support through tools and resources that are intended to help you navigate through these difficult times.

This StoryMap will closely follow Oregon State University Extension Fire Program's After the Fire checklist and webinar series.

Reforestation Assistance Through OSUX & Partners

If you need to plant trees and have not been able to find seedlings, please fill out this online survey form. Consider signing up to be included in a new program to provide seedlings at fair market prices for landowners affected by the fires.

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Due to the wildfires, along with previously planned reforestation demand, availability of tree seedlings and tree planters is expected to be far short of what is needed over the next few years. OSU Extension is working with the Oregon Small Woodlands Association, Oregon Department of Forestry, US Forest Service, and other partners to assess the reforestation need and develop extra capacity to produce seedlings and plant trees.

We want to know who needs trees (and how many) in order to set our targets for aggregated seedling orders for people who have not been able to find trees. We are working on an order for 2021-2022, to be followed by longer range nursery orders to meet expected demand over the next several years.

If you are interested in ordering seedlings through this program please use the survey form to get on our list and we will get back in touch with you to confirm details. Reforestation Assistance Survey

If you have questions, please contact Glenn Ahrens 503-655-8631

Colorado State University Extension Service

Soil Erosion Control After Wildfire_CSUX2012.pdf

Jackson County Resources 

Almeda & Obenchain Fires GIS Resources

Federal Resources:

Farm Service Agency (FSA)

Jackson County producers can contact their local FSA staff member, Jolene Stucker at or 541-423-6171 for assistance and information regarding the process for applying for FSA relief programs. Learn more about potential programs here.  


 Updated information: FEMA assistance deadlines have passed. Please read updates below for additional resources as you and your communities continue the process of recovering from property loss or damage.

NR-DR-4562-OR 27 FEMA Application Deadline Has Passed but Help Still Available for Oregon Wildfire Survivors.pdfNR-DR-4562-OR-27 Spanish FEMA Application Deadline Has Passed but Help Still Available for Oregon Wildfire Survivors.pdf

State Resources:

Oregon's Debris Management Task Force: the State of Oregon is leading wildfire cleanup efforts, and has committed to funding ash and debris removal for homes and businesses so Oregonians can rebuild. The state will fund ash and debris cleanup for all property owners that opt into the state-led program, regardless of FEMA eligibility.

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