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Applegate River SIA

Applegate River SIA – Phase I

The Applegate River Phase I SIA, selected in 2019,  is currently active and includes properties within the Caris Creek – Applegate River, Slagle Creek – Applegate River, and Powell Creek – Williams Creek Sub-Watersheds of the Applegate River Watershed, located in Jackson & Josephine Counties. This area falls generally between the communities of Applegate, Williams, and Murphy.

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Overview Map of the Applegate River Phase I SIA Location & Boundary.

The Applegate River Phase I SIA is unique in that there are three sub-watersheds involved which span across Jackson and Josephine county boundaries, inciting our first joint SIA. Jackson SWCD has partnered with Two Rivers SWCD (TRSWCD), Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council (APWC), and ODA, to create a team of natural resources professionals who are well-versed in local knowledge of these communities and watersheds in the Applegate Valley.

Why "Phase I?"

We are excited to see the ecological uplift that we can achieve through this first SIA in the beautiful Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. We look forward to the opportunity to continue working with our local partners at TRSWCD and APWC to implement more great SIA projects throughout more of the Applegate River Watershed in the future.

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