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Best Management Practices in the Little Butte Creek Focus Area (& Throughout Jackson County)

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Best Management Practices (BMPs) are tried and true techniques and processes that conserve natural resources while supporting land managers in improving production, enhancing overall efficiency, and increasing product quality. These strategies have demonstrated that productive working lands can also have positive impacts on natural resource quality.

  • What goals do you have for your property? What are some ideas you have for getting there?
  • Do you want to increase forage production, feed more livestock, have healthier animals, or just enjoy ranching more?
  • Do you want to see more wildlife on your property or improve water quality?

These are just a few of the things that adopting BMPs might help you achieve or clarify for yourself and your property.

Our team has worked to develop a list of some of the most common inquiries received from landowners, coupled with our District's highest priorities in the Little Butte Creek Focus Area.

The Little Butte Creek Focus Area was established in 2015 to allow for targeted project implementation and financial assistance programs to improve agricultural water quality in the Little Butte Creek Watershed. Focus Areas (FA) are selected by local conservation districts and allow for targeted, high density project efforts in a specific area. Focus Areas allow for a coordinated effort between multiple partners, which in turn can serve a greater number of landowners with more financial and technical assistance resources available.

In an effort to facilitate information sharing, we have developed  our Brown Bag Lunch with a Conservationist series to address some common areas of interest, concern, and technical assistance needs in the FA. Through September, our staff, private contractors, and guest speakers will join interested landowners via Zoom Meetings to discuss the topics below:

May contain: person, human, clothing, and apparel
  • May 12, Noon-1:30pm, Understory Management & Soil Protection
  • May 19, Noon-1:30pm, Grazing & Pasture Management
  • June 2, Noon-1:30pm, Fencing
  • June 16, Noon-1:30pm, Off-stream Watering
  • June 30, Noon-1:30pm, Riparian Management
  • July 28, Noon-1:30pm, Ponds
  • August 11, Noon-1:30pm, Irrigation
  • August 18, Noon-1:30pm, Water Rights & Protecting Yours
  • August 25, Noon-1:30pm, Pasture Renovation
  • September 8, Noon-1:30pm, Equipment Rental
  • September 22, Noon-1:30pm, Economics of Conservation Practices

Using Zoom Meetings

Zoom is a relatively user friendly web-based conference call application that can allow the speaker and attendees to interact with video and audio capabilties.

All speakers should be logged in and ready to admit meeting attendees within 5 minutes of the meeting's start time. If however,  you log in before the host has you will be placed in a virtual "waiting room". When the meeting host has logged in you will be let in to the meeting.

On your smart phone with video:

  1. Download the Zoom app using your phone's app store.
  2. Create an account as directed.
  3. To join the meeting open the zoom app and tap the "join" icon at the top of the page. Enter the appropriate meeting ID for the topic you are interested in and tap "Join Meeting." Select your preferred "Join Options" by tapping the circles to turn audio and video on or off.
  4. Enter passcode provided if/when prompted

On your computer:

  1. Type the "Zoom Meeting Link" found on your postcard in your browser bar and select join meeting.
  2. -OR-Click the following link or type in your browser bar "
  3. Enter the appropriate meeting ID for the topic you are interested in in the "Meeting ID or Personal Link Name" text box. Click "Join".
  4. Enter passcode provided if/when prompted

Phone Call Only: 

  1. Dial the call-in number provided on the post-card.
  2. Enter the Zoom meeting ID provided on the post-card when prompted. Make sure you enter the proper ID for the corresponding topic meeting you are interested in attending.
  3. Enter passcode provided if/when prompted

Technical Assistance:

If you run in to difficulties accessing a Zoom Meeting, please call Trevor Morris at 541-630-0918 and he will do his best to assist you.