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Dealing with Drought

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Whether you own a large agricultural property, or are managing a small lot, there are many things we can all do to help conserve water.  In addition there are many city, state and federal programs to help provide assistance and incentives for farmers and producers wondering how they will irrigate this year, or to help implement projects that will help our region make the best use of our limited water.

Some of the available project examples include:

  • Improving your irrigation efficiency
  • Adding organic matter and improving moisture retention in your soil
  • Converting thirsty lawns to water wise landscaping and xeriscaping
  • Making the most of your water with graywater systems, rain gardens, rain catchment and more.

Our staff can help you build a customized plan to conserve and maximize your water resources! Contact Lori Tella for your urban concerns, Clint Nichols for rural lands and Paul Demaggio for questions about irrigation.

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