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Do You Know What's In Your Drinking Water?

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Did you know that in some parts of the Rogue Valley, drinking water from private wells has been found to contain high levels of nitrate? 

Nitrate (NO3) is an essential source of nitrogen (N) for plants. When nitrogen fertilizers are used to enrich soils, excess nitrate may be carried by rain, irrigation and other surface waters through the soil into ground water. Animal wastes and waste from leaking septic systems can also contribute to nitrate contamination of your water. The very young and old, and the immuno-compromised, are particularly at risk from nitrate contamination.

Elevated nitrate levels may also suggest the possible presence of other contaminants such as disease-causing organisms, pesticides, or other inorganic and organic compounds that could lead to health problems.

If you depend on a well to provide your drinking water, it’s in your best interest to ensure that it is safe to drink. Protect your water by scheduling regular checks and maintenance of your well and septic system to ensure that everything is functioning properly.