Jackson SWCD helps to sponsor the Oregon Envirothon Competition held every year at the Oregon Gardens in Silverton. This hands-on science competition, gives high school students the opportunity to analyze real-world environmental issues and solve problems as a team. Winners of the Oregon Envirothon are then invited to the North American Envirothon Competition to compete for scholarships and prizes

You can learn all about the history of Envirothon and the National competition at www.envirothon.org



At the competition in Silverton

What subjects do students study?

Envirothon tests student knowledge and problem-solving skills in the following areas:

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Soils and Land Use
  • Forestry
  • Wildlife
  • Annual Current Topic-2018's Current Topics is Western Rangeland Management

How does Envirothon benefit students?

  1. It ignites a desire to learn about natural resources and provides tools for hands-on exploration
  2. It has the potential to create land stewards who are interested in careers in natural resources and allows them to see what careers in natural sciences look like.
  3. Gives students the knowledge and skills to think critically about resource use and their place in their own ecosystem.
  4. It inspires them to take action and trains them to work collectively to find solutions.
2017 Oregon Envirothon  1st place state champions from Medford's Logos Public Charter School on their National Envirothon trip to Emmitsburg, MD in July 2017.

Envirothon provides students with an experience that enables them to become environmentally aware, action-oriented citizens. With the skills they learn through Envirothon, they can better understand the impact of our actions and be more prepared to devise alternatives.

How does JSWCD support teachers?

We help teachers by providing learning resources (see below) and by connecting teachers with local agency specialists, as well as our own staff, to go more in-depth into Envirothon subject areas. We can also help develop a project-based curriculum and take students outside to investigate local natural resource issues.

What resources will I have?

JSWCD houses and stocks the Envirothon Resource Trunk, a treasure trove of learning tools, texts, and resource sampling kits. Teachers can learn to use the tools at the annual teacher in-service (see below) or make an appointment with Karelia Ver Eecke, our Education & Outreach Coordinator.

This year's teacher in-service training will take place November 3o and December 1 at the Oregon Gardens in Silverton. This in-service training earns teachers PDU credits through Portland State University. Natural resource professionals and community college partners will be presenting information and sharing materials. Classroom resources and time to network with peers will be included.

With the generous support of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, this workshop session is free and includes overnight accommodation at the Oregon Garden Resort, substitute reimbursement, mileage reimbursement and lunch.