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Free Water Law Webinars

May contain: ditch

 Schroder law offices, serving Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, California, and Utah since 1991, specialize in Water Law. Over the next six months join them to explore water law and what current regulations mean for you, your property, and water rights. 

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Scheduled offerings below: 

  • Tuesday, June 22nd—What to Do When There Is No Water: Drought Tools Explained;
  • Tuesday, July 13th —What Terms to Include in a Well Share Agreement?
  • Tuesday, August 3rd – How to Take Advantage of a Winter Appropriation Using Storage;
  • Tuesday, September 14—Due Diligence for Canal, Pond, and Drainage Maintenance: Wetlands Delineation;
  • Tuesday, October 19—How to Change or Remove an Easement (Ditch, Road, Well Share) from Real Estate
  • Tuesday, November 9—Should or Can You Take Stormwater into Your Existing System?