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Irrigation Flow Meter Rebate Program

Irrigation Flow Meter
Irrigation Flow Meter

This rebate program helps irrigators pay for materials to install flow meters on their water delivery systems. The program is designed to encourage irrigators to improve the management of this shared and vital water resource. Measurements are to be used for irrigators' own personal use to be incorporated into their farm or ranch management to assist with decision making and awareness. If the resource isn’t measured, it is difficult to manage. The benefits of having a flow meter and measuring water use are to reduce water waste, improve irrigation efficiency, reduce pumping costs, and compare water use and crop yields from year to year. Flow meters aren’t cheap, so JSWCD is offering this program to help remove this cost barrier

To be eligible for this program, the irrigator must be on a shared water source, such as an irrigation district canal, ditch association, or lateral or other. The irrigators point of delivery is not managed by OWRD, but is managed by the irrigation district or through agreements with neighbors on a shared ditch. Additional eligibility criteria can be viewed on the Flow Meter Rebate Form (below).

The flow meter rebate program may be applied for at any time. Funds are available and renewed at the beginning of each fiscal year starting July 1 and will be dispersed on a first come first serve basis until funds run out. The maximum allowable rebate is $2,000 per irrigation diversion or point of delivery. If you are interested in applying, or have additional questions, please contact Paul DeMaggio

FlowMeterRebateForm.V7 22-02-11.pdf