Smart Irrigation Month

 July is recognized by the Irrigation Association (www.irrigation,org/IA) as smart irrigation month.  Are you prepared for hot weather and potentially reduced water availability?  Here are some tips to get you through the season.  

  • Check sprinklers and ditches for leaks.
  • Clean intake screens more often.  Aquatic vegetation and algae grow quickly as irrigation water warms up.
  • To prevent pump burnout, consider purchasing a pressure switch or similar device that will automatically shut off your pump in case the water source dries up or the intake screen gets clogged. 
  • Irrigation amount for HAY/PASTURE this month and into August should be about 2 to 2.5 inches (gross) per week.  To determine irrigation time, set up a grid of straight sided catch cans under the sprinklers, stop irrigating once the average depth in the cans fill up with 2 to 2.5 inches of water.  
  • Always check soil moisture in the crop root zone before irrigating and again, 24 hours after irrigation.  Use a soil probe or shovel.

 Medford Lawn Watering Schedule:

 Ashland Water Conservation Website

 Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest

 Contact Paul DeMaggio at JSWCD.  (redacted)  with further questions regarding irrigation scheduling.