Woodchipper Available

Not sure what to do with downed trees or debris from fuels reduction on your property? Through an agreement with the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), Jackson SWCD now has a wood chipper available for landowner and community projects. Whether you're reducing fire danger in your community or dealing with fallen trees from winter storms, we can help!

Contact Clint Nichols our Rural Natural Resource Planner for information and planning assistance (541) 423-6180

(scheduling is done through JSWCD. Please do not call ODF)

How the program works:

  1. Communities or landowners with large amounts of woody debris to be chipped contact our Rural Natural Resource Planner. Reservations are made for communities or a group of landowners who have a large amount of debris to be processed.
  2. A localized site is chosen to host the chipper. The space must have room to process and pile the debris and wood chips. 
  3. A date is set for the chipper and an ODF staff member to come to the site and help process woody debris*.
  4. After debris is chipped, community members or landowners can use woodchips for paths or to hold soil moisture near trees and shrubs. For more information on using wood chips as mulch on your property see this information from Oregon State University Extension or Washington State University Extension

*Note the wood chipper is not available for individual loan. Use requires an ODF staff member on site.