Whether you own private land, just purchased rural property, manage public lands, or are part of a family that has ranched for generations, this unique class will help you identify and manage your resources! Protect & Enhance Natural Resources Learn great techniques … Continue reading


Chairman of the Board for JSWCD, Allan Campbell, was recently honored by the County Commissioner at a ceremony where he was awarded the Jackson County Commissioners’  Chairman’s Award.  Congratulations Allan, JSWCD is lucky to have you on our side! (Complete article from … Continue reading


Ground breaking began Oct. 7th on our new Water Wise landscaping plan.  Over time, we’ll develop an on-site demo at our office on 89 Alder in Central Point.  The new landscaping will implement several water conservation treatments and samples of native plants, among … Continue reading


What exactly is gray water? Graywater is “used” water originating from washing machines, sinks, showers and bathtubs. It is water that contains some soap, but is clean enough to water plants.   Graywater specifically does not include wastewater from dishwashers, garbage … Continue reading


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