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Clint Nichols, Riparian Resource Conservationist

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As the riparian resource conservationist, Clint Nichols provides technical assistance to landowners to restore riparian ecosystems and create in-stream aquatic wildlife habitat.

Clint graduated from Southern Oregon University with a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, focused on ecology and conservation. Much of his work experience is in watershed and forestry issues. He worked for the US Forest Service in the Sierra Nevada National Forest studying the impacts of forest thinning treatments on watershed health. He also worked for the Forest Service as a timber cruiser in Lassen National Forest, implementing forest thinning practices to reduce wildfire risk, improve forest health, and create wildlife habitat. In Northern California and Southern Oregon, he assisted the Ashland Forest Resilience Stewardship Project, studying natural fire regimes to help manage forest thinning efforts in the Ashland Creek watershed. While working for the National Park Service, he studied vegetation patterns in Lava Beds National Monument and Crater Lake National Park. He is a published author on the topic of fire history in Southwest Oregon.

Much of his educational background applies to the challenges of rural land management. His knowledge on subjects such as soil science, plant, fire and aquatic ecology, hydrology, hydrogeology, environmental policy, ecological economics, and resource management make him a valuable addition to our team.  

Contact Clint for questions about riparian (streamside) vegetation and restoration.