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The Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District is dedicated to helping the people of Jackson County, Oregon protect and conserve their natural resources. We work with both individuals and communities to analyze and implement science-based solutions to various resource concerns, while maintaining the cultural, social, and economic values of Jackson County. JSWCD is a non-regulatory agency, meaning that we do not enforce any laws or regulations. 

We provide services to the community in three main areas: technical assistance, education, and financial assistance. JSWCD staff also support work done in these three areas of service through outreach to share information and opportunities with residents and monitoring to evaluate the impact of our and partners' work, adapt as needed, and inform the greater community. Finally, JSWCD also runs an equipment rental program to help land managers access tools that enable best practices for land management.

Go to the pages below to learn more about our services, how we may be able to help you, as well as our geographic areas of focus.

You can also checkout this handout for a brief overview of the types of services we offer.