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Other Natural Resource FAQs

Below are some additional topics we receive a lot of questions about, but we do not provide direct assistance with. We've compiled some resources to help get you headed in the right direction for answers and support.

Boron Effects on Plants

UC Master Gardener "Boron in Irrigation Water"


City code violations: contact your municipality

Jackson County Code Complaints (for unincorporated areas)

Oregon Department of Agriculture Complaints

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Pollution Complaints

Water Rights Complaints: Jackson County Watermaster


Oregon Department of Environmental Quality "Reusing Graywater in Your Landscape"

OSU Well Water Program-Graywater

Residential Ponds

OSU Extension "Ponds"

Residential Well Water Testing

Oregon Health Authority Domestic Well Safety

Oregon Health Authority Well Water Testing Recommendations

Oregon Health Authority Water Well Owner's Handbook

OSU Extension How to Test and Treat Well Water-disponible en español 

Rodent Control

OSU Extension Strategies for Rodent Control-disponible en español 

Septic Systems

OSU Well Water Program-Septic Systems

Oregon DEQ Septic Permits or Inspections (search Jackson County)

Water Rights

Jackson County Watermaster's Office

Well Development

Contact the Jackson County Watermaster's office for legal compliance. Find a local business or contractor for assistance with development.