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Riparian Restoration Rebate Program

This rebate program is designed to streamline the planning process for riparian restoration projects (streamside revegetation projects). The scope of these projects are small-scale (1 acre or less) and focus on the removal of invasive species (such as blackberry) and native species replanting, with supplemental irrigation. No instream or engineering projects are eligible for these funds.

By planting native trees and shrubs in the riparian zone on your property, you provide numerous benefits to your property such as stabilizing streambanks and slowing flood waters. Native species also improve habitat for birds, mammals, fish and other aquatic animals, and protect the water quality of our beautiful streams.

May contain: bush, vegetation, plant, wilderness, nature, outdoors, and tree
Image of plantings in riparian area

The Riparian Restoration Rebate Program may be applied for at any time. Review the Riparian Restoration Rebate Program packet below to help assess your eligibility. In addition to eligibility information, the packet overviews the importance of riparian restoration, offers planting tips, and lists necessary ordinances to be aware of when completing these projects.

Riparian Restoration Rebate Form._19-10-23.pdf

This program is currently being offered at a limited capacity, and eligibility will depend on specific criteria. Please contact Kora Mousseaux for more information.