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Envirothon Trunk Educational Resources

The Envirothon Resource Trunk is full of great educational tools, giving students a hands-on look at natural resources. 

Not sure how to use this stuff? Don't worry! Trainings are offered every year. A fall training takes place right here in Jackson County in the fall, or teachers are invited to the Oregon Envirothon In-Service Training held every December at the Oregon Gardens in Silverton. 

Wildlife Skulls
Wildlife: skulls
Wildlife Ecology Kit
Wildlife: mammal pelts
Wildlife Ecology Kit
Wildlife: tracks and habitat sheets
May contain: electronics and computer
Aquatic Ecology: water quality testing kits
Ecology Kit
Aquatic Ecology: macroinvertebrate sampling kit
Books and Reference Kit
Resource texts
Forest Ecology Kit
Forestry: forestry tools
Soil Ecology Kit
Soil & Land Use: soils testing kits and soil surveys