Kora Mousseaux, Urban & Community Planner

Kora Mousseaux provides technical, financial, planning, and design assistance to urban landowners and other clients to implement stewardship projects that protect and conserve our natural resources. Such natural resource concerns include  water quality, soil erosion, invasive plants, riparian health, and stormwater runoff/low impact development.

Kora has lived in Southern Oregon for 17 years. She graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and a concentration in Land Use Planning. Her senior capstone was a Recreational Planning Project with the U.S. Forest Service. She worked at the Sustainability Resource Center while attending school.

Kora was raised with the appreciation of nature, and has experience restoring trails with the Ashland’s Siskiyou Mountain Club, Interning with the City of Ashland Planning Department, and managing the Community Garden at SOU. She is incredibly grateful to be working with the JSWCD team to serve the community of Jackson County.