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Pasture Management Informational Resources

Pasture Management Overview

Introduction to Pasture and Grazing Management in Western Oregon. Oregon State University Extension. (2020).

Pasture and Grazing Resources for Small Farms. OSU Extension.

Rotational Grazing

Rotational Grazing. National Sustainable Agriculture Service. (2010). 

Manure Management

Manure Management. OSU Extension. (2011).

Composting Program: Rules and Permits. Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

Mud Management

Pasture Sacrifice Areas. Washington State University.

Winter Mud: How to Save Your Pastures during Hay Feeding Season! UGA Forage Extension. (2020).

Pasture Plants

Forage Plant Pocket Guide. JSWCD. (2014).

Poisonous Plants Commonly Found in Pastures. Oregon State University Extension. 

Invasive Plants. Rangeland Ecology.