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Resources for the 2018 Competition

May contain: bush, plant, vegetation, nature, outdoors, and grass

Western Rangeland Management-2018 Current Issue

  • Click here to access the 2018 Western Rangeland Management official study guide.
  • Click here access a whole website dedicated to providing current rangeland management resources.

Aquatic Ecology

Protecting streams

Macroinvertebrates-The base of the aquatic food-web

  • View the powerpoint below from to familiarize yourself with the most common macroinvertebrates encountered in our region's waterways.
Know Your



Tree Identification

Forest Communities

  • Click the link below to access a PDF introducing you to the management and natural history of white oak savannas of our region. 
  •  Click the link below to access a PDF introducing you to restoration practices for oak habitat in Southern Oregon and Northern California.
Restoring Oak Habitats in S. OR and N. CA. KBO_LRP 2014.pdf


Soils & Land Use

Soil Assessments

Dealing with erosion and soil health


  •  Click here to visit Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife's website dedicated to Oregon's common wildlife species. Learn about Oregon's amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and marine life.