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Volunteer Forest Research Assistant with the Nature Conservancy

This spring the Nature Conservancy will be collecting information on the forest in the Applegate Valley and could use some assistance. This is a great opportunity for a small group of volunteers to help and learn. Here’s what would be involved:

  • Full days in the field (about 8 hours), including 45 minutes travel to/from Medford (transportation from Medford provided).
  • Time commitment of at least one day (Mon-Fri) per week during this March.
  • Hiking off-trail for up to 5 miles per day over steep terrain through lots of poison oak.
  • Recording and collecting data like tree diameter at breast height, tree vigor, insect damage, fuel model and canopy base height.

This research would be used for a study on the effects of different types of forest thinning on wildfire risk and tree health. The only requirements are excellent physical shape and ability to work well as a team. No specialized training or qualifications needed, but experience identifying trees and collecting data would be helpful. Benefits include:

  • Contributing to research used to improve ecologically-responsible forest management
  • Gaining knowledge and experience in collecting tree and fuels data
  • Getting great exercise in a beautiful area

If you are interested, please complete the attached application, rename the file with: yourlastname_yourfirstname.docx and contact Even Barrientos (below) for an email address.

Volunteer Application DEMO.docx

For more information contact: 

Evan Barrientos

SW OR Monitoring and Outreach Assistant

(541) 770-7933 x 3# (office)

(414) 238-3995 (cell)

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