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Adult Education

We offer various classes, events, tours and presentations throughout the year. Below are some descriptions of educational opportunities. Check our Events page to see what’s available from JSWCD and our partners, or contact us to schedule a presentation or tour for your school or community group.

We also have internship and volunteer opportunities available for youth and adults. Call us to see how you can get involved.

Yearly Classes

Pasture Management

This class, hosted by JSWCD, usually begins in February and is held one night a week for approximately 8 weeks. It is a grand tour of pasture management methods and techniques that can help you improve your soil, increase forage yield, reduce costly resource impacts, and protect your land while increasing it’s production. Instructors of the course visit your site and help you get started on a customized plan and strategy.

Horses and Mud

For livestock owners with mud concerns, this class is focused on techniques and solutions for excess mud that can impact the health of your livestock, water quality and the beauty and functioning of your land.


Tours and presentations are available upon request. Some of the available subjects include, soil health, irrigation options, stormwater management, rain catchment systems, and more. Call our office to talk about the options with our technical staff.


The Forage Plot Demo at the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center

Jackson SWCD works in coordination with SOREC to house and maintain a demonstration garden of native grasses and forage that is successful in our region. For more information about the demo garden, contact our Rural Resource Planner, Clint Nichols

Watch a time-lapse video of the volunteers at our most recent work party. They make it look so easy!


The Water-Wise Landscaping Demo at Jackson SWCD Headquarters

After remodeling the insided of our new office at 89 Alder Street, we decided to remodel the landscaping as well. We ditched our thirsty lawn and installed a drip irrigation system for our new Water-Wise landscaping. Learn more about it at the link below.


Watershed Friendly Stewards

Through our certification process you can learn how to become a Watershed Friendly Steward or get help improving your property if you’re not quite there yet. Upon completion, you will receive a certification sign to proudly display on your property. Not only does it let your neighbors know that you are doing all you can to protect your watershed, but it may just serve as inspiration for others who care about the watershed as well!