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Check Out Our Riparian Rebate Program

Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District is happy to announce our Riparian Restoration Rebate Program. This program was devleoped in order to incentivize small streamside forest revegetation projects.

May contain: water, outdoors, nature, and path

Riparian areas are vegetated areas found between aquatic and terrestrial habitats. The vegetation along streams, wetlands, and lakes can all be considered riparian vegetation. The native plant species found here are adapted to living in this zone of fluctuating water availability. Healthy riparian zones provide many benefits for water quality, wildlife (both aquatic and terrestrial), and people. More specifically, riparian zones:

  •  Stabilize streambanks with plant roots.
  •  Provide corridors for migrating wildlife, including nesting and foraging habitat. 
  • Help maintain the water table.
  • Play a role in terrestrial and aquatic food web.
  • Provide shade to maintain water temperatures for aquatic organisms, especially important to our trout and salmon species.
  • Improve water quality by trapping sediments which can be harmful to aquatic animals.
  • Slow flood waters, thereby protecting waterfront properties

By planting native trees and shrubs in the riparian zone on your property, you provide numerous benefits to your property and adjacent landscape. Native species improve habitat for birds, mammals, fish and other aquatic animals, and protect the water quality of our beautiful streams.

If you would like to know more about this program, visit our riparian rebate program page. You can also contact JSWCD at your convenience. Funding is limited on a first come, first served basis. We look forward to working with you.

For urban properties, contact Kora Mousseaux. For rural properties, contact Clint Nichols.