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District Funds

District Funds are matching grant funds that can be awarded for the right conservation project.  Proposals are approved by a committee of the Board of Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District and are granted based on the benefit to resources and the citizens of Jackson County.

District Funds may be used for projects addressing urban or rural natural resource concerns or to assist in the development or continuation of community education projects.

Proposals are submitted after a project plan has been outlined with the help of our resource staff.  If you are interested in more information about District Funds, contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our resource specialists.

Jackson SWCD follows a set of guidelines to determine project eligibility. Below are some of the District goals and priorities:


Healthy Functioning Soils Excessive Soil Erosion OAR 603-095-1440(2) Vegetation Management/Irrigation Water Management/LID* (ex: Planting bare soils, erosion control measures, filter strips, etc.)
Healthy Functioning Riparian Vegetation Riparian Vegetation Destruction OAR 603-095-1440(3) Vegetation Management/Animal Management/LID (ex: riparian pasture management, streamside plantings, etc.)
Efficient Irrigation Water Management Surface Irrigation Return Flows OAR 603-095-1440(4) Improve scheduling, set changes, timing, and distribution methods (ex: flood to sprinkler conversions, xeriscape, etc.)
Effective Crop and Nutrient Management;  Effective Animal, Human, and Pet Waste Management Water Quality OAR 603-095-1440(5) Managing soil amendments, animal waste, irrigation, storm water (ex: heavy use area, gutters, cover crop, septic systems, etc.)
Healthy Functioning Wildlife Habitat Habitat Fragmentation and/or Destruction JSWCD Ballot Measure 15-67 Wildlife habitat enhancement (ex: oak woodlands, windbreak, filter strips, pollinator strips etc.)