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Join the Board of Directors

JSWCD's 7 voting directors are elected as part of our public, general elections, which occur every two years. The next election for Board of Directors will occur on November, 24 2024. Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, and Zone 5 positions will be on the ballot. 

eligibility for board positions

At Large Positions

Candidates for at large positions must reside within the boundaries of Jackson County and be a registered voter in the county. 

Zone Positions

Along with residing and being a registered voter in Jackson County, eligibility for zone positions also requires: 

  1. Actively managing 10 or more acres in the zone that is being represented and residing within Jackson County, or 
  2. Residing within the zone that is being represented and actively managing 10 or more acres within the boundaries Jackson County, or 
  3. ​Residing within the zone, serving at least one year in a SWCD At Large position or in a SWCD associate director position, and having a conservation plan that is approved by the district. This eligibility option does not include a requirement of active management of 10 acres or more.  
    1. Associate directors are appointed by the seven elected directors. 

Visit our How the Board Works page to learn more about the district zones and board positions. 

Getting on the Ballot

Jackson County voters interested in becoming elected directors for JSWCD must submit the required paperwork to the Oregon Department of Agriculture in advance of the election. Contact us or the ODA SWCD support staff if you have questions.