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JSWCD's Tax Rate

In 2006, through Ballot Measure 15-67, JSWCD was granted a permanent tax-rate by the voters of Jackson County. Voters approved a $.05 tax per $1,000 assessed property value for homeowners, which significantly helps support the work we do. Go here for more information on tax rates and Oregon Soil & Water Conservation Districts.

From the 2006 Ballot Measure 15-67:

"Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District (District) assists Jackson County residents to acquire technical and financial support to meet natural resource goals. Our customers include small acreage landowners, urban homeowners, and agricultural producers. District programs and services promote voluntary actions to improve surface and groundwater quality and quantity, prevent soil erosion, enhance fish and wildlife habitat, control invasive and noxious weeds, improve urban and rural streams, and conserve natural beauty.

Increased requests for services by Jackson County citizens have exceeded the current capacity of the District. Funds from this measure will enable the District to maintain current services while meeting increased demands for assistance from urban and rural landowners to: develop and implement landowner conservation plans, provide engineering support, design and implement irrigation systems, improve fertilizer and pesticide applications, enhance and protect riparian buffers, maintain open space, improve fish and wildlife habitat and expand educational and outreach programs. The permanent rate limit will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $5.00 per year. The proposed rate will raise approimately $650,000 the first year."